Feb 23, 2008

Crafting madness - or is it insanity?


They say there is a fine line between crafting madness
and insanity.

Owning a crafting business we are, at times, mistakenly
identified as someone needing bipolar mania medicine.

Is it crafting madness or are we just plain insane when …

We don’t need it, it’s not on sale, the business account
is empty, the credit cards are over limit, no customer is
waiting on a custom order, our studio closet doors won’t
shut, yet we buy more supplies anyway

Our children think we aren’t home because they don’t
see us under the mounds of crafting “stuff”

We have been up 38 hours and refuse to go to bed till
our newest creation is completed

We’re drinking old, cold coffee, and eating gummi
bears to survive while we finish up orders

Husband is begging us to take a shower, or at the very
least, change our clothes

We finally take a potty break and it sounds like
Niagara Falls

You can’t wait for football season and Nascar to start
up so it keeps your man out of your hair

Trash hasn’t been taken out, dishes are in the sink,
hampers are overflowing, and what the hell is that
green crap in those containers in the refrigerator?

You have more crafting magazines next to the toilet
than your husband has of Playboy magazines.
(and they get you just as excited)

People are talking while you are working and when
they stop, they ask “did you hear a word I said?”
“Of course I heard…I don’t know what the heck you
said, but I heard you”

Your idea of the perfect vacation is a trip to NYC
to go shopping in the wholesale supply district

Husband reminds you that “if you don’t use it, you
lose it”. But…the only orgasm you’re dreaming of
is gonna be at the post office when this *%@#*
order is being mailed

OK, I’m convinced. There is indeed a fine line
between crafting madness and insanity. Will just
a little therapy help, or do we opt for psychotropic

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pandora said...

Thanks for the laugh. When it came to the orgasm I had say how true that was. Customers and PO. haha Great post

Jane said...

Once again, you hit the nail on the head! Yep, it probably IS insanity, but hey--we're all in the same boat so it's ok....many thanks for a GREAT laugh.

wendy said...

I love your sense of humor Couldn't stop chcukling over it Same goes for being online.
As a crafter you don't happen a pattern for crocheted baby sneakers do you?
We moved and my patterns have disappeared. Hubby maybe ??
Keep up the great blog.

Theresa said...

Thanks for all your great comments!
Glad I made you all smile.
Wendy, I don't have a crochet pattern for anything that I know of, but maybe other crafters on my list do, so I will ask! :-) Will drop you a line if I find anyone who does.

Marla Ellis said...

Oh I am always asked what are you going to do with that.. when ever I am in Hobby Lobby and my answer is always, I don't know yet...Yep my husband just rolls his eyes and goes on...LOL..
Oh and he thinks Hobby Lobby is boring, I can spend hours in there and I just have to purchase something....wink


wendy said...

Thanks for popping by my blog as well.
You were asking this
Would love to exchange links with you as I think my
crafting readers would benefit from your blog!

I have no problem with it what so ever. Feel free


Theresa said...

Marla.....I'm a A.C. Moore addict. Especially love the midnight madness sales and the 40 or 50 percent off coupon in the paper every week.